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No Ones Stopping The Xbox Train Now

Everything is coming up Xbox lately, they have undoubtedly grabbed the console momentum. The momentum really started with E3 2021, when they showcased Halo, Forza Horizon 5, a massive slate of games coming to gamepass and huge new exclusive Xbox games including Redfall, Starfield and The Outer Worlds 2. The momentum continued all throughout the summer with a really good slate of Gamepass releases including standouts Knockout City, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Death’s Door, The Ascent, Twelve Minutes, Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life, Hades and Psychonauts 2. The excitement around all of these games coming seemingly every other week thisContinue reading “No Ones Stopping The Xbox Train Now”

Could September Bring Big Xbox News

The recent months have been absolutely brimming with Xbox content, games and news. That trend looks very likely to continue this fall with a slate of big games releasing and a massive amount of games coming to Gamepass. The month of September, however, looks barren. There’s no news event, show, first party releases or big gamepass titles the entire month. That could just be a coincidence, but it could also be a sign that some surprise news could be on the way. There is a recent precedence for this with the lead up to the Series X launch leaving aContinue reading “Could September Bring Big Xbox News”

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Big Blowout: Final E3 Prediction – Xbox/Bethesda Showcase

Massive Game Reveals: Project Omen (October 2022) Project Typhoon (March 2022) Forza Horizon 5 (October 2021) Zenimax Online Studios Game Reveal (No Date) Xbox Global Publishing Surprise 2 new exclusives similar to the size of Ark 2/Stalker 2 Awesome Gameplay and Many Games Coming This Year: Halo campaign and multiplayer (November 2021) Psychonauts 2 (August 2021) Grounded (June 2021) Microsoft Flight Sim (July 2021) As Dusk Falls (September 2021) Stalker (December 2021) Crossfire X (September 2021) The Gunk (October 2021) Age of Empires IV (September 2021) ID@Xbox Starfield (September 2022) Avowed (November 2022) Gamepass Announcement Blowout: Hades Bravely Default AnotherContinue reading “Big Blowout: Final E3 Prediction – Xbox/Bethesda Showcase”

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Seven Keys For Xbox to DOMINATE E3

Xbox’s E3 2021 is in just two weeks and that means that it’s time to take a look at what Xbox needs to do to capture the full media cycle and gaming mind share moving forward. If you’re interested, I’ve always made my predictions for what Xbox’s full 90 minute E3 conference will hold. Bethesda/ZeniMax deal was massive and means exclusivity and awesome games for Xbox Gamers – The most crucial thing for Xbox to establish this year at E3 is that Xbox is the home for Bethesda and if you want to play the games then you need toContinue reading “Seven Keys For Xbox to DOMINATE E3”


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The EPIC SAGA of Phil’s Desk Continues: Mandalorian and Fallout

Phil’s desk is becoming something to keep an eye on every single time he goes on camera. Phil has his little clues at what’s to come on his desk on a number of occasions this past year. Today is not an exception, as the eagle eyed Shpeshal_Ed pointed out. New to Phil’s desk are aContinue reading “The EPIC SAGA of Phil’s Desk Continues: Mandalorian and Fallout”


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