The EPIC SAGA of Phil’s Desk Continues: Mandalorian and Fallout


Phil’s desk is becoming something to keep an eye on every single time he goes on camera. Phil has his little clues at what’s to come on his desk on a number of occasions this past year. Today is not an exception, as the eagle eyed Shpeshal_Ed pointed out.

New to Phil’s desk are a Mandalorian funko figure and Vault Boy from Fallout. Is Phil hinting that they’re developing a Mandalorian game and a new Fallout? Both would make sense. It’s been heavily rumored that Xbox was seeking a Star Wars property. It’s also easy to see the benefit for Xbox to get one of their premier series like Fallout in Development asap.

May the 4th is almost here so hopefully we hear something about the Mandolorian then.

Did you see anything else new, let us know.

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