Xbox MASSIVE Revenue, New Gamepass Games, HOT Forza Rumor

Xbox News
  • New games with gold games are coming with Armello, Dungeons 3, Lego Batman and Tropico 4 coming in May.
  • A couple new Gamepass games for May were revealed. The epic rpg builder, Minecraft lite game Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the wild dodgeball, multiplayer battle game, Knockout City.
  • Microsofts Q3 revenue for 2021 was revealed today and we learned that Xbox content and service revenue is up by 34% while Xbox gaming revenue in general was up 50%, read more detail in Brad Sam’s blog where he covers the quarterly results in depth.
  • @JezCorden in response to a question on a weekly podcast was asked about an acquisition of IO Interactive and said to keep an eye on it.
  • @JezCorden and @JeffGrub have been teasing an exciting setting for Forza Horizon 5, Mexico. We shouldn’t have to wait long to see for ourselves with E3 right around the corner, and if you’re interested read more about what we might see at E3 here.
  • Brian Fargo let us know that inXiles game is looking amazing, but it’ll be a while before we see it so scratch it off E3 this year.

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