1. @Xbox – The main Xbox account, also absolutely legendary tweets. Just beat skittles as best Twitter brand account.
  2. @XboxP3 – None other than Phil Spencer, the man that took the colossal mess that was Xbox in 2013 and turned it into the world-class brand it is today.
  3. @XboxGamepass – Giving the main Xbox account a run for its money in terms of entertaining tweets. Also teases games that will be coming to Gamepass.
  4. @MajorNelson – Larry Hryb’s official account, has all the news, engages with fans regularly.
  5. @AaronGreenburg – Head of Xbox Games Marketing, he’s incredibly active on twitter and engages with fans frequently.
  6. @BrianFargo – Legendary creator and inXile Studio head, entertaining as heck. Knows how to get fans excited.
  7. This ones a little bit of a cheat, but your favorite Xbox studios:
    @Bethesda @RareLtd @inXile_ent @idSoftware @ArkaneStudios @ZeniMax_Online @machinegames @Turn10Studios @WeArePlayground @Obsidian @DoubleFine @CompulsionGames @CoalitionGears @TheInitiative
    I definitely recommend Bethesda, Double Fine, Rare and Obsidian for the best tweets.
  8. @JeffGrub – Industry insider. Also very entertaining human (yeah I don’t know how else to describe it, he’s just a cool guy).
  9. @JezCorden – lead Xbox writer for Windows Central and known Industry Insider, Jez always offers insights and teases at what’s to come.
  10. @ZhugeEX – Massive amount of gaming content and one of the biggest Industry Insiders out there.
  11. @Colteastwood – Best darn Xbox YouTube out there generating tons of relevant content with the most epic of voices
  12. @Nibellion – GREAT commentary on all the gaming news, very quick and always has entertaining live tweet threads during big events.
  13. @Klobrille – Great Xbox art, thoughtful insight into Xbox and its future plans.
  14. @geoffkeighley – Geoff hosts so many video game events he could be on a list for Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox, he always has great content and exclusive looks.
  15. @Vicious696 – Parris, host of the KindaFunny podcast, entertaining and spot on hot takes.
  16. @_XboxNews – Run by a group of 20+ Xbox fans, always on top of the developing stories and newest game content.
  17. @IdleSloth84 – Providing wonderful illuminating, relevant gaming news, frequently one of the first to post job postings for new IP, or shed more light on developing gaming news.
  18. @Shpeshal_Ed – Co-Founder of http://XboxEra.com and co-host of the XboxEra Podcast. He’s also always breaking gaming news before anyone else, if you want the inside scoop follow him.
  19. @JamieMoranUK – If you like sci-fi, fantasy, rpgs and shooters, Jamie is a must-follow. Always posting great videos and gifs of xbox games.
  20. @purexbox – Awesome xbox blog, always has a ton of content and good reads.

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