Xbox Franchises That Need Revived

Xbox, like some other publishers, is sitting on some absolutely beloved franchises. Not all of those franchises have continued to get new games though. Here’s the franchises that make the most sense for a revival in the Series S/X and Gamepass Era.

Viva Pinata

By far the game with the most potential to evolve and adapt to the current age of GaaS, Viva Pinata has a vibrant colorful world perfect for continuous updates. Imagine an Animal Crossing like system where you can travel to other people’s colorful Pinata worlds and recurrent updates like new piñatas and content add ons seasonally. The series has a huge following and would absolutely help fill the void in Xbox’s E rated game needs.

Banjo Kazooie

Speaking of E rated games, there’s none more asked for by the Xbox community than Banjo Kazooie. The franchise that helped make famous so many of the 3D platforming staples that we love today is certainly capable of being the flagship E rated, family friendly title for Xbox. If you look at what Nintendo has done with Mario, there’s Lot that could be gleamed for how to evolve this style of franchise for the modern day. The key would be identifying the right team to take on the project.

Rise of Nations

Age of Empires has enjoyed a true revival with all of the World’s Edge remasters and the upcoming Age of Empires IV. Rise of Nations could use similar treatment. Xbox is continuing to try and appeal to the PC market and Rise of Nations would certainly do that. The tactical strategy game would fit perfectly in their gamepass strategy moving forward.

Lost Odyssey

The series created by a legendary final fantasy creator has only one entry in the series and that’s a real shame. The game featured all the great elements of a top notch JRPG. With the renewed focus on the Japanese game market, it’s the perfect time to bring the series into the modern day.


Epic fun for everyone, that’s what I remember about 1vs100. The ultimate online game show. This one could be a massive hit with cross play on gamepass.

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