Why Sony won’t make a clone offering of Xbox Gamepass

There’s ton of conversation lately on Xbox Gamepass and as a result some predictions and rumors about a Sony Gamepass are beginning to pop up everywhere. Today I’ll explain why they may do something about it but also cover why it won’t be anything similar to Xbox Gamepass.

The biggest thing to understand about Xbox Gamepass is that Xbox has been quite literally building everything they do to make Gamepass into their primary revenue source for the past 3 years. Nearly every architectural decision, partnership, funded games etc, have been about building towards gamepass. Lets take a look at decisions that were working towards this and take a long time to establish:

  • The total support of backwards compatability
  • The focus on pc gaming
  • The emphasis on game streaming to devices
  • The indie devs and programs they’ve supported through ID@Xbox
  • The major partnerships they’ve forged with huge publishers
  • Commitment to day and date 1st party games on Xbox and switching up their revenue formulas
  • The first party buildup and backcatalog they received with those purchases and finally the cross platform emphasis

These are all things that take quite some time to build up and require significant technology development and resources. These are not things that a company can just set up overnight or even in a years time. They require time, vision as well as ability to get others onboard. This is why Sony’s offering is not likely to mirror Xbox Gamepass.

However, with that being said, Sony is likely to look at their strengths and what they’ve built over the past several years to determine how they can make an offering as strong as possible. Let’s take a look at where they’ve focused recently and their strengths:

  • High quality in their bug 1st party game releases
  • A large mix of varied content for movies, video games and anime
  • Great relationships with large Japanese publishers
  • Successful formula reliant on continued hardware sales and the large player base on their consoles
  • Console streaming service PS Now that has a large amount of PS games

That’s why I believe Sonys strategy is going to be to consolidate their media offerings and focus on their large player base to subscribe. This will likely be a mix of their anime, movies, games and psnow. Looking at their strengths and dedicated Dan base, it’s likely an offering consolidating their content can be attractive enough to draw a large user base even without putting their games or movies in the service day 1. This would give them a hit service offering the attracts users while also allowing them to preserve their existing revenue streams and keep people buying their hardware instead of fully switching to PC or Cloud.

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