Looking Ahead to an Xbox Dominated E3

Now that we’re past the 10 week countdown to the new look digital E3, it’s time to start looking at what Xbox’s digital showcases may look like. This year Xbox will be holding two showcases, one focused on the 15 studios under Matt Booty and one on the Zenimax/Bethesda teams.

So let’s take a look at Xbox’s recent focuses. It is very apparent that there is a massive push toward gamepass and Xcloud . There’s also been a tendency to showcase each of the studios with the new dev diaries and they’ve also showed projects from a dozen of their studios this past year. This signifies they intend to give almost all their studios spotlight and energize fans of their work.

There’s also the serveral mentions from Xbox and Microsoft leadership of continued focus on acquisitions of studios and IP. They have also been slowly incorporating Netflix strategy of somewhat laying out a roadmap. Additionally, they’ve been supporting some of their efforts with new strategic position such as the SR Manager position posted yesterday that will be focusing on the gaming acquisition and buildout moving forward. So with all that being said, here’s some of the more likely things to appear at the showcases:

Xbox Showcase:

  • Halo Infinite Gameplay (launch date November 2021)
  • Forza Horizon 5 world intro and gameplay (launch date September 2021)
  • Gamepass play all these games on gamepass, and now here’s a sneak peak from our friends at Ubisoft for Ubisoft + joining Xbox Gamepass Utilmate this holiday
  • Ubisoft fire reel and then trailers for Far Cry 6 and AC Next
  • Gamepass comes back out and gives updates on other games hitting gamepass and talks about the future of gamepass. Likely reveal of some major new franchises coming to Xbox such as Persona, more Dragon Quest games or the Sega back catalog.
  • EA likely will show off a Battlefield trailer and highlight reel of EA Play
  • Cyberpunk 2077 next gen reveal
  • Compulsion Games next game
  • Hellblade II (2022)
  • Everwild trailer (2022)
  • Sea of Theives update
  • Global Publishing reveals launch trailer for MSFS and announces one of the big AAA games they have in the works (2022)
  • Psychonauts 2 (Launch Trailer)
  • Grounded (Launch Trailer)
  • Avowed (Gameplay Trailer)
  • Starfield cinematic trailer to end it and check out more at the Bethesda showcase tomorrow


  • Major deep dive into Starfield
  • More gamepass surprises like Bethesda, could be integrating some of the ESO DLC to Gamepass
  • One of their newer studios, Roundhouse or Alpha Dog will likely get some stage time to tease and recruit for their project.
  • A look ahead at the next title from Arkane’s Austin Studio, likely a cinematic trailer
  • Discussion on the acquisition and what it means for the years ahead, likely teasing out a sort of roadmap.
  • Updates from Zenimax Online for Fallout 76 and ESO
  • Closing with a teaser for the next Zenimax Online Studios game

These already look like some jam packed shows and that’s just for the stuff that’s likely to be there! Like most of you, I can’t wait to see what else will be there.

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