10 Most Anticipated 2021 Xbox Series X Games

Psychonauts 2 is the long awaited sequel to the beloved Platformer. Double Fine is renown for putting out amazing games and this should be no exception. The studio has been focusing their full attention on it for a number of years and is leveraging an injection of funding from Microsoft to take the polish to the next level.
Bright Memory Infinite is a passion project from a small studio. The idea originated from one person and has grown into the beautiful game shown above. This is going to be one of the best looking games coming out and should have good combat and interesting storytelling as well.
Outriders provides a new world for humanity, exciting! But it turns out to be dangerous, fight for your place in the new landscape and loot, definitely loot. Side note – Mass Effect and Gears vibes both ooze out of this from what I’ve seen.
Crossfire X will be bringing the fast paced action and combining it with the expert storytelling from Remedy Entertainment. This should be one of the best FPS campaigns you’ll play.
Hogwarts Legacy is bringing the Wizarding world to your consoles. This entry takes place over one hundred years before Harry Potter so the familiar world may have a few surprises and certainly will add to the lore.
Scarlet Nexus looks like a must play animated RPG, the combat looks like a blast and the open world looks like a fun backdrop to explore.
Gotham Knights may be missing Batman but they gave us 4 playable supers in his place and some questions to be answered. The city seemed alive from the trailers so I’ll be exploring every corner of Gotham.
Battlefield 6. Yes it’s time for anew entry. Not mu h is known, so we await news here but it is slated for holiday 2021.
Halo Infinite, does anything more really need to be said? Oh and yeah the graphics have improved a ton from the latest drops we’ve seen. Can’t wait!
Far Cry 6 returns to a more tropical setting for this entry and the lead baddy looks to have the same type of qualities we loved Vaan for in Far Cry 3. Oh and I haven’t seen a more visually appealing game shown yet by any console.

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