Xbox Series X: Games to Wait to Play

With the delay of Halo Infinite I thought I’d put together a quick article about some of the titles you may want to wait to play on Series X and will keep you busy through the holiday season!

  1. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
    This game has a great story line, came in with wonderful reviews, but the most common complaint was the frame rate struggling to maintain even a solid 30 fps. That won’t be a problem on the Series X and it is getting a nice 4K paint job!
  2. Control
    Very similar to our first title the game got great reviews and bring the best of what Remedy Entertainment does, but the frame rate and image quality see major dips in quality especially during combat. Again, this won’t be an issue on the Series X and it is getting a Smart Delivery update for the Series X to enhance a number of other graphics and optimization items.
  3. Gears 5
    Same Gears goodness, with full raytracing implemented by the team at The Coalition, what more is there to say, just hand me the Lancer again!
  4. Watch Dogs Legion
    Coming out out the end of October, hold off a few weeks to pick up raytracing and better frame rate.
  5. Microsoft Flight Simulator
    This game just released and I’m sure you’ve seen the beauty all over youtube. But it’s going to be better in full 4K and updated graphical fidelity. There is still more to hear on this topic, but it sounds like raytracing is coming to the Series X from some leaks.

Cheers everyone!

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