News Roundup: Xbox Series X Release, Halo Delay, Series S Leak, Xcloud Release

  • Xbox Series X confirmed to be launching in November 2020.
  • Halo Infinite release date change to TBD 2021. Halo’s official Twitter account broke the news with the below tweet:
    Halo Delay Tweet
  • Xbox 20/20 news releases are no more, Microsoft updated their site to state they still have lots to share but it will not be via a Xbox 20/20 event each month. See my post from earlier this week for more detailed information and discussion.
  • A big news blowout on the cloud gaming that Microsoft previously termed XCloud happened. The biggest news is a launch date of September 15th. Phil Spencer guest starred at the Samsung event for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Microsoft just referred to this as game streaming, so we’ll hope for a new title soon. The clip of Phil discussing the news is below:
  • The Xbox Series S console may have leaked via the boxing of an also leaked White Xbox Series X controller.

It has been an eventful 7 days, here’s hoping the next 7 are filled with some announcements of what else we’ll be playing>

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