Xbox 20/20 Dropped, What’s Ahead

A user on the popular gaming forum ResetEra noticed that Xbox dropped their Xbox 20/20 strategy (here’s the original post if you want to check it out). The clarification from this link on Xbox’s site is below:

It sounds like this is more of a changeup in marketing strategy than a change in what information is going to get released to fans. This change in strategy should allow Xbox to be more free with their information and allow them to react to the gaming community views to change the discussion in more positive ways should the narrative become negative. Likewise, they may choose to shadow-drop information just to get back in the news cycle. I still expect to hear information this month as the Xbox Series S is starting to leak so Microsoft will want to get out in front of this. Also, they still have a number of marketing rights, third party deals (rumored) and first party announcements to make. This should definitely be a fun change for fans of Xbox!

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