Unknown Worlds Part 2: Exciting Xbox Rumors


Last time, I left off with a teaser that there are some first party Xbox studios that have already shown content but likely have more to show, so today we’ll get into those Xbox rumors. If you haven’t already, check out the previous post here about the Xbox Game Studios that have yet to show content this year.

At the Xbox Games Showcase in July, Playground Games showed off one of the biggest games of the show, a brand new installment in the Fable series. However, they have another team that is developing a game and has yet to have been shown. The latest rumors are everywhere that they are developing a 5th installment in the wildly successful Forza Horizon series.

Another studio that has been confirmed to have mutliple teams working on projects and only one shown at the moment is Double Fine. Currently expected to release Psychonauts 2 this holiday, they have had a team at work on another game since at least 2018. This game is one of the most shrouded in mystery, there are rumors of it being Banjo-Kazooie, Iron Brigade 2, to a completely new IP action-adventure game. The game development is being led by a Senior game designer that previously worked on The Last of Us II, Fable II and The Division, so it certainly seems like it could lean towards having more elements of open world and action.

A studio that already showed two games in development, Obsidian, is confirmed to have another small team, including the head of the studio working on a small title, but nothing has leaked about this game and it is unlikely to be shown this year. Additionally, Obsidian is rumored to be gearing up production of The Outer Worlds 2 and has shifted some of the team that had been working on The Outer Worlds DLC to development of the sequel. I do not expect to hear about The Outer Worlds 2 this year.

Finally, 343 studios is confirmed to have a second team working on a new title. There has been much discussion about this as the team has changed up a bit from the team that developed Halo Wars II and may be gaining personnel to ramp up a Halo spin-off. This ones all speculation though, all we know right now is there is definitely a second team developing a new title.

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