Xbox Bringing the RPG’s

The July Xbox Games Showcase signaled that Xbox is making a big time commitment to bringing RPG’s to the console. There were major announcements of three huge new next-gen first party titles with Playground Games announcing Fable, Obsidian announcing Avowed and Undead Labs announcing State of Decay 3. Fable looks to be a reimagining of the world of Albion and from the looks of the trailer will be bringing back the elements that made the first two installments great! Avowed looks to be a Skyrim type game, which should have everyone excited.

They also announced that they were bringing Dragon Quest XI as well, marking the first appearance of the series Xbox. This is similar to how the Final Fantasy games all (expect the current FF 7 remake) made their way to Xbox. This is likely a trend that will continue as Xbox builds out their JRPG catalog.

The significance of three major first party RPG’s shouldn’t be understated, but is also just the start of their move to be the RPG console of choice. There is another rumored large AAA RPG in development by inXile (acquired by Microsoft in 2018) and reportedly The Outer Worlds 2 is already in development and exclusive to the Xbox Series X. Some reports have also mentioned that Compulsion games is working on an action RPG.

The investment has extended beyond their first party studios, as they aggressively acquired the marketing rights to Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion and Far Cry 6. It will remain interesting to see what happens with third party RPG titles like Final Fantasy 16 and the next Mass Effect game. One things for sure though, whatever happens, I’ll be talking about it!

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