Unknown Worlds: Part 1, Big Games in the Wings

Who doesn’t enjoy some good old fashioned speculation? I know that I do, so I’ll be starting this series of posts to explore the rumors and speculation that exists.

Today, I want to talk about something Matt Booty said during the July 2020 Xbox Games Showcase towards the end of the show (around the 54 minute mark, Xbox Showcase here). He said, “Now, you may have noticed we didn’t get to visit all of our Xbox Game Studios today. That means we’ll have more to share later this year”. This is clearly implying they held a few things back to show us later this year, but what could they be?

Reviewing the content of the show, it appears that there were 9 of 15 (currently) Xbox Game Studios shown at the Xbox Games Showcase. The studios that weren’t shown are:

  • inXile Studios
  • The Initiative
  • The Coalition
  • Mojang
  • World’s Edge
  • Compulsion Games

There is a lot of possible content between those studios, but I’ll stick to the rumors of unannounced games that are out there currently:

  • inXile
    • AAA RPG (not much detail)
  • The Initiative
    • AAAA game set in the Perfect Dark universe
    • Action adventure game with movie quality graphics and actors
  • The Coalition
    • Gears 6
    • Perfect Dark game
  • Mojang
    • Minecraft DLC – not much else is known or rumored, but there are over 350 people on the team so it is quite possible there is something in the works
  • Worlds Edge
    • Age of Empires 4
  • Compulsion Games
    • Big Puzzle Game
    • AAA ARPG

It’s also possible that there is some content from studios that did show content or from the Xbox Game Studios Publishing arm. However, I will keep that discussion for another segment of Unknown Worlds!

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